123 Chat

Mingle with buyers and sellers in chat rooms based on the tags you select. These fun, live conversations give you a chance to get to know each other, explain more about what you are offering and ask questions about the items for sale. Make a friend, learn more, and find out about other things that people might want to buy or sell, if they knew there already was an interested party.

Grab a treasure before anyone else learns about it or stimulate interest in a listing of an item for sale by chatting with people who have similar interests.

123 Chat is the social gathering in a marketplace with plenty of new people to encounter.

Just moved into a new flat? Ask people to help you fill it up with furniture and the other things you need.

Have to make a move? Sell the items you don’t need and make it easier to relocate.

Looking for advice? Ask people about their real-life experience with something you are considering.

The conversations are endlessly fascinating on 123 Chat.

Note: This feature is under development and almost ready for beta testing. Keep an eye on this web page for the launch.