123 Match

“123 Match” is our proprietary system to match buyers and seller based on the tags they choose for their ads. This is an optional service meant to help our buyers and sellers more efficiently achieve positive results from using our system.

Rather than having to look through many unrelated ads to find something, our system finds all the ads that match the tags you select and presents them as a list to make it much easier to find what you are looking for and the process continues until the ad is no longer active in the system.

This means buyers and sellers can log in and see the activity that occurred with matching tags at any time. For example, if a person is looking for a flat, they can put an ad describing what they need and choose appropriate tags, such as the area where the flat is located. If a new ad appears in the system with the same tag as the area they wanted and selected, the person who placed the wanted ad will be notified that there is a new ad, which is a match.

Another example is a person looking for a certain type of automobile. He or she can place a wanted ad that uses the tags of the model and the vehicle to quickly get a list of all vehicles of that model that have a for sale ad in the system. They also get notified of any new ads that come in later.

123 Match saves hours of time for our users by not having to look at unrelated ads. Instead, they can concentrate on the ads that are interesting to them. 123 Match allows our users to quickly connect with interested parties.